Coach's Package

You'll find these 14 graphics, a $70 value, will help you immeasurably when you're trying to describe a concept to your students. The package contains: Patterns -eight of the most common oil patterns; Breakdown - what the oil looks like from above before you start bowling, how carrydown looks, and what breakdown (blowing a hole in the pattern) looks like; Hands - injuries to the hands and what usually causes them; Eye Dominance - how the dominant eye affects targeting; Pin Contact Points - the zones a pin is divided into for specific targeting; Four Types of Roll - picture of where the track is for different types of roll patterns; Release Axis - the three main release axes and how they look rolling down the lane; Track Flare - what the track on the ball looks like; Three Types of Shots - the shape of the up, down, and away shots; Projection - walking parallel to your intended ball path; Foot Alignment - how to set your feet for each type of shot; Six Shot System - two graphics of the Six Shots System for getting lined up as well as instructions on how to use them; The Lane - my most popular seller - it's to scale and perfect, when laminated, to draw on to show different shaped shots. Be sure to indicate if you want left or right handed pictures!

Coach's Package
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