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The package contains: Hands - injuries to the hands and what usually causes them; 2D and 3D pitches - I've found that many people have trouble understanding that a hole can be drilled in a ball in two directions at once so I made these graphics; a picture of common pitches in two dimensions and other common pitches in three dimensions; Ball Motion from side view - depicts a ball's roll from a side view; Four Types of Roll - picture of where the track is for different types of roll patterns; Release Axis - the three main release axes and how they look rolling down the lane; Track Flare - what the track on the ball looks like; RG - depicts where the weight block is located in high and low RG equipment; Layout Definitions - to help folks understand where the CG, pin, and PAP might be located; Static Weights -shows the placement of the holes in relation to the weight block; Drill patterns - shows the relationship of the weight block to label, axis, and leverage drill patterns. If you're an IBPSIA member, let me know for your pricing special!

Pro Shop Package
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