Read Lanes Faster CD Set

How to Read Lanes 128% Faster, Line up in Just Shots, and Dominate Your Competition

- Have you ever wondered how the Pros average
220+ on seemingly impossible lane conditions?

- Have you ever wanted to know how they can
pound the pocket continually, AND keep carrying
well, even after the oil starts breaking down?

The answer is simple. They do/know/have a couple of things you don't: A closely guarded strategy for lining up in less than three shots and an arsenal of tactical maneuvers for adjusting BEFORE the oil changes. For years, these techniques have been a closely guarded secret, known only to top Amateurs and Pros. UNTIL NOW.


Two time Coach of the Year, PWBA Regional Champion, and one of only 26 Gold Coaches worldwide, Susie Minshew has just released a collection of Audio CDs that will show you step by step:

- How to line up on ANY oil pattern (including PBA Experience) in 3 shots or less.
- 17 Ways to read lanes 128% faster.
- How to stay one step ahead of the changes, adjust faster, and score higher.
- How to scout a new center and know what to expect before throwing a single shot!
- 12 Secrets of different lane surfaces such as synthetic, wood, and Guardian.
- How to overcome "bad racks" and keep scoring when others can't.
- 6 Ways to get your team lined up faster for tournament competition including the USBC National Championships.


IS THIS FOR YOU? If you've ever started out great on league night only to drop in score the second and third games, this CD set is for you.

If you have ever missed the cut at a tournament by a few pins, this CD set can show you how to read lanes faster so you can make the cut next time. You can't afford NOT to have this knowledge!

Don't waste $220 on another new "Miracle Ball." Instead, see REAL improvement for less than half that price with this special CD set from one of the world's most sought after coaches, Susie Minshew. The set is on sale for only $77 (plus S&H). Order Now!

Read Lanes Faster CD Set
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